Tannery – Gilze

Location Gilze, The Netherlands
Type housing
Fase construction
Client private client
Constructor JV2 Bouwadvies
Photography Thomas Mayer
Construction Advice Team 42

Two homes in one building.

The former Tannery in Gilze was built in the 1930s. Many characteristics of the factory, such as the brickwork and steel window frames, disappeared with a renovation in the 1980s. We want to use as much as possible from what the building does still have to offer. The client is a family with (in-law) parents who will live there.

The factory is divided into two dwellings. To separate the homes, a grid was removed from the center of the factory. This central common area provides access to the dwellings on the right and left. The living spaces on the first floor each adjoin a private garden. The family has the larger garden at the rear of the property. The parents’ garden at the front also has plenty of privacy, sun and shade. despite everyone living under one roof, there is plenty of privacy.

In the houses themselves, voids have been created to emphasize the high spaces. The original joists remain visible, so that the quality of the building is restored.

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