House R Eindhoven

Location Eindhoven
Type New Construction
Fase Executed
Client Private person
Contractor Soetens Bouwbedrijf
Constructor Archimedes Bouwbedrijf
Installation advice D-IA Duurzame- InstallatieArchitecten
Photography Thomas Mayer

The client was clear from the first meeting: they wanted an honest and pleasant family home. Special in its simplicity. The main focus had to be on the wishes of the client and the quality of living. In relation to the simplicity, the forest edge and the villas that have been made along the same forest edge, we thought it should be a barn. A barn in which a house is built. The advantage is that the starting point is “a large space” where you can compose with light, material and volumes. With regard to simplicity, we have chosen to design with industrial construction methods. An archetypal form in which materials, construction and connections can be seen.

As a basis, we placed the volume 80cm above ground level and created a cellar below. These are relatively cheap square meters. The living spaces in the basement have become a kind of garden rooms due to the windows that project into the green garden like loopholes. The basement is connected to the floors by open stairs. The family lives connected throughout the house, but sleeping, working, playing and the entrance can be closed with doors, so that privacy can also be chosen.

By living almost 1 meter above ground level, the sightlines are better: more light and more privacy. This was also leading in the choice to place the house so far back on the lot. As a result, you do not live in the shade of the trees on the Elburglaan and not in the shade of the neighbors. The interior of the house is equally clear: the large hall consists of 1 volume. Interior is formed by spaces that stand like blocks in space. The open steel staircase connects all floors and so does the height differences in the ground level on the outside. The two voids in the living room and kitchen also provide connection, view and light.

For each floor, a game has been played with light and sight, tailored to each function. The basement had to get as much light as possible, the windows protrude slightly through the facade. The ground floor mainly has large windows, where the frames are not visible. They are detailed as cut-outs in the facade material: viewing windows to the forest edge where a lot of light enters for living.

On the sleeping floor, the windows are located deep in the facade and are much smaller in size. This guarantees privacy in the sleeping quarters and no sun protection is required.

This house is being constructed using BENG (Nearly Energy Neutral Building). Of course the house is gasless and is heated by means of a heat and cold storage system at district level. Due to the high insulation values, the underfloor heating on the sleeping floor has even been completely omitted. The energy required for the use of the house is generated entirely by solar panels.

A simple volume where space, light, air, use of materials and color create quality for family life.


Interior: Studio of Things x Studio Jeroen Wand

Kitchen Design: Max Lipsey

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