12.12.2014 | Eek en Dekkers

From the first chair made of matches, wire and a surgeon’s knife the size of a thumbnail, to the redevelopment of an old industrial building that will house ten families. Only the size has changed, but we still work with respect for what is there and make use of the opportunities and possibilities that present themselves. From the very beginning to the present day, this has been the guiding principle in everything we do. The development of our own property has inspired us and others to take on multiple buildings to think bigger, using the same simple pragmatic approach. At the moment we are working on 4 projects and there is still a lot in the pipeline. Besides the fact that our new location has led to many new activities and projects, it has also caused an influx of employees with different skills. One of them was ”Iggie Dekkers”, a young architect who happened to walk in with us a few weeks before we opened, painted the doors, found a job elsewhere as a real architect and luckily came back to work on the cnc machine and the until then to work on sporadic construction projects. Because we suddenly had an architect employed, we were able to seize the opportunities that presented themselves with both hands. In practice it turned out that Iggie fits well into the culture of the company, she does not seem to limit herself to one part of the process by nature, but considers the entire process from idea to delivery as her own. To celebrate this almost natural match and to do justice to the additional and special quality, we decided to set up a company; Eek en Dekkers BV, operating under the name “Piet Hein Eek architecture”.


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