12.04.2022 | There is a lot of construction going on!

At the moment there are 3 of our projects in progress so we are fully building. How nice it is to see the plans we have been working on for so long, become reality. Suddenly you can walk through your drawing.

In the coming weeks we will show and post a lot about the progress on construction. The construction in Hurwenen will be finished in 4-6 weeks. Everyone is working hard at the NYMA Makersplaats in Nijmegen so that phase 1 will be wind and watertight in about 10 weeks. An important moment, because then suddenly there is a building instead of an industrial ruin.

In Gilze there is a former leather factory that is being transformed into 2 homes. In the middle of the factory will be a shared patio for both houses. The houses themselves will also be given voids to emphasize the height and industrial character. The ground floor has now been poured, the construction has been reinforced, the old beams have been cleaned and the bricked-up windows in the facade have been restored. Thomas Mayer visited Gilze this week to capture the construction process, so more about this soon.

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