08.06.2016 | Sell house Geldrop


Some time ago our house was for sale. This is still the case, or rather, it is for sale again, because when the sale was almost completed, it suddenly turned out that the family that wanted to buy the house was not allowed to live there at all. It was not a house but a company house, but without a company!

Fortunately, the municipality also found the situation remarkable, because it had been inhabited for more than 60 years. They decided to cooperate, as best as possible, within the very strict regulations, to assign the lightest business category to the plot in addition to the business destinations that were already on our house. This makes it possible to combine living and working with almost every professional practice.

We now also have some reason to move because we have started the renovation of a business building, close to the business, where we are going to combine ‘living and working’ again. Our green oasis, where the sun rises and sets, with the possibility to do everything, is therefore for sale again. We have lived there for more than twenty years and have perfected the place. What the new house will be like remains to be seen but we are sure that what we had is a dream. We also created it ourselves, so it will be fine with the new house.










Address: Nuenenseweg 169 5667KP Geldrop

Asking price: € 925,000, k.k.

Construction type: Existing construction

Year of construction: 1951

Location: sheltered location

Living area: 400 m²

Plot area: 2241 m²

Type of property: detached house, villa

Number of rooms: 11

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