Our Method

What the essence of our designs is: dealing pragmatically with the existing, understanding and seizing the opportunities and possibilities that the place offers and integrating and transforming them into a characteristic and pleasant place to live and work.

‘In the construction industry, many processes are determined by conventions, which are sometimes very inefficient and driven by fear. Everyone wants to avoid risks, because all responsibilities and tasks are cut loose. By bundling these correctly, a more logical and efficient working method is possible, in fact as it has always been in the past. We postpone some decisions, because the right solution often presents itself naturally in the process of tearing down and rebuilding. We call our approach planning the unplanability. The individual needs of the residents and the buildings we transform are not uniform. Our plans grow organically with the opportunities and needs.”

NLD, Niederlande, Eindhoven, Baustelle Einfamilienhaus, Architektur von Eek en Dekkers | NLD, The Netherlands, Eindhoven, construction site family home, architecture by Eek en Dekkers
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